Why typing speed tests are not accurate

Discover why typing speed tests are not always accurate, with rutidadash.com.

Most people think that typing speed tests are not accurate in real life.

But they can be!

When is a typing speed test accurate?

Ok, typing speed tests are accurate for some people. If you’re mindlessly writing up a speech as you hear it, or typing up some handwritten notes, you can reach that speed.

But how fast are you when it comes to writing an article? Or an important page on your site? Or worse, a marketing email?

Here’s a typing speed tip:

Don’t think. Just write.

Challenge yourself to match your typing speed! Think about what you want to say and just get that down on paper. If you get stuck, skip that line and continue after it. Afterwards, you can go back and edit to make those sentences ‘perfect’ but you’ve already done the bulk of the work.

I tried this recently for an article, and got out 700 words in 12 minutes flat. And it was actually pretty good.

No second-guessing!

So go for it! Stop second-guessing every word you write. You know your topic, you know your product — you can do it, and you can do it well.

Just write.

PS. I timed this article. It took me 5 minutes to write.

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