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About Me

Hi folks!

I guess you fell in love with my website and want to find out more about the person behind it all. I totally get that. 

I could just tell you how I was born and grew up in London but currently live in Jerusalem, Israel (yes, there is a slight weather difference) with my husband and five little kids. I could mention those fun but totally irrelevant facts such as how I enjoy cooking & baking, play the keyboard, can read 4 books in one day, and can’t draw to save my life. But na, that would make for a very boring About Me page. 

Let do this differently. Here goes…

Look, I'm anyway sending out short-ish, interesting and useful emails each week with a hefty dose of humour. I may as well send them to you too. Just sign up here if you're interested.
Introducing myself differently

You know that kid sitting in the front of the class, taking notes in the short-hand they developed themselves, ready with answers to all the questions the teacher hasn’t even asked yet? Yup, that’s me. Super ambitious, high achiever – my school reports had all the synonyms there.

But how do you transition that into real life? My first decision was to skip traditional university. Too slow, too boring. I took a job teaching in high school, tutored in the evenings, and did an Open University maths degree in my spare time. (I did mention that I love studying, right?)

The Real World

Time to enter the real world. I landed a job in SEO, and loved it. Of course, I studied everything in depth until I knew it all inside out. It wasn’t long before I was offering a whole range of digital marketing services to clients (yes, I too began on Fiverr) and quit my job. The office had been fun, but commuting just ate up my day like a dog swallowing an ice cream whole.

So, there I was, growing my digital marketing business, attracting more clients, about to hire an assistant… when it happened. The big turning point of my career. Drum roll please!

The Big Moment

I stumbled into the world of marketing consulting. Until now, I’d been focused on a company’s online assets – but this got real. I won’t go into the difference between marketing and digital marketing here but this was where I really found my footing.

Remember, I began my post-school life as a teacher, and still miss teaching. (As other parents will know – teaching toddlers how life works is just not the same.) Well, this was my chance!

I launched with a bang (a free workshop actually) and was soon guiding business owners in all sorts of industries on how to grow their business. From building their confidence to streamlining their business model, from handling prospective clients to increasing their range of offers, I did it all. And loved it.

I kept up my digital marketing and before long I realised that the two areas are actually perfectly aligned. Some businesses I worked with didn’t have an online presence – but the majority did, and working on improving that soon became part and parcel of our work together. Digital marketing takes on so much more meaning when you frame it in the bigger picture, when you know what the entire business is focusing on and working towards.

Decision Time

Well, that’s how I ended up with two careers. SEO and business consulting. And it was time to decide. I could do both – but I couldn’t focus on both, not fully.

I picked SEO. I hired, built it up into a six-figure agency, and had a blast along the way. I invested over $20k in training myself and learning how to take my agency to the skies and beyond. You can check out my agency here, if you’re curious: imperialrankseo.com

As all of this was going on, something unexpected happened.

I became a better consultant.

I still had business owners approach me here and there for consulting, and I had so much more hands-on experience with building up my own business that I was able to help them far more. Soon, I began giving workshops and was invited to speak at events, and I decided that the time was ripe for me to swing back into the world of business consultant.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Oh wait – I have to put ‘The End’ in fancy cursive script. It just wouldn’t be complete without it. Here we go:

The End

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