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I’m Ruti Dadash, an expert business and marketing consultant. I advise business owners at all stages how to scale their businesses to drive more profit.

Utilise your existing assets

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Utilise your existing assets

Dear Dental Practice Owner Professional:

Give me 30 Minutes of your time and I’ll show you a number of ideas and strategies that’ll increase the Profits of your Practice in the next 90 Days, no matter what state the economy is in.  Of course, that’s a bold proposition and yet, if you’re frustrated with the amount of income coming into your Practice and you want a series of fresh ideas and answers to help you increase your cashflow as well as installing a level of stability and certainty in your Practice, please click the link here and I can be helping you sooner than you think.

If you don’t need any help just now, please read the articles on the website as they’re guaranteed to help you and your Practice.  You can of course, get a regular communication from me that’ll boost the revenues of your Practice through my high value emails, which you can register to get them by entering your details in the sign up box on the right.

If you want your Practice to thrive, I’m here to help make that happen for you.

Thank you. 

Ruti Dadash

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There’s a secret world I had no clue about. The world of Marketing. When I discovered it, I was hooked. I loved immersing myself in a business and finding all sorts of ways to increase their revenue.


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