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Adding Layers of Proof to Your Advertising Will Bring In More Business To Your Practice

There’s one internal question, consciously or unconsciously spoken by your prospective clients that has to be answered. And that question is –

 “Tell me why I should believe you, your company, your procedures and treatments, and not go anywhere else?”

It comes as no surprise then that those Practices and Owners who can both say and show why and what makes them the ultimately best solution to their particular geographic constituents requirements when it comes to their dental needs, then they’ll come away with the bulk share of their local market.

And, it’ll be a market, where, if treated with care, respect and reverence, will most likely stay connected to you and your Practice for the entire time you or they, are resident in the neighbourhood.  

However, and this is especially true in today’s hyper sceptical society, how can you overcome the inherent scepticism that most people have about dealing with any kind of Professional, Business or Service? What can you do to reassure people and appease their obvious inherent concerns and apprehensions?  

Well, here’s a proof list you can pick and choose from that you can apply to your promotions and communications, something that’ll pack a high dose of instant and immediate credibility. And in turn what that will do is it will engender that most sought after prize… the trust of your prospect.

  1. The number of patients served
  2. The length of time in Practice
  3. Letter of endorsements from reputable others.
  4. Professional Qualifications/ certificates
  5. Patient testimonials – written, video, audio
  6. Newspaper/trade/newspaper  articles written by, or about you
  7. Photographs – yours, customers, respected endorsers.
  8. Interviews/Talks
  9. Service guarantee
  10. Number of people helped with finance arrangements for higher end services
  11. Length of combined years your staff have been with the Practice

Those are just a few of many. The key however is the more proof elements you can add to your communications, to your promotions, to your campaigns and sales literature, the more of a deepening impact you’ll mind in the minds and hearts of those who are not currently your patients yet, but could be soon.

And let’s not forget that even your past and current clients need to be constantly reminded on some level about you and the reasons why your Practice remains the Practice they need to be part of for their continual dental requirements. A regular, well written and entertain newsletter is a perfect tool for doing that.

Now it would be easy for me to simply hand you a promotional piece for you to see a number of  these proof elements in action for a dental practice but instead, Id like to demonstrate this by actually not using a dental promotional piece and instead, apply this to the world of XXXXXXX and you can see how you can then directly translate this to your communications and marketing materials for your Practice.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you were going to add a loft extension to your home and you’ve made various enquiries with different companies. And after carrying out your research, you find that mostly people have gotten back late to your initial response for information, they don’t show up on time, are rather lapse in their overall attitude and professionalism. Their literature and communications are filled with flashy pictures and not much else.  

 But this particular company you’ve made an enquiry to, is different. Here’s how:

Their online promotional material mentions that they have successfully helped 1672 people secure the “new room of their dreams”…

… They mention that 17 people weren’t happy with their purchase quotes, so within 30 days, they gave them a free, 12 months subscription to ‘Better Homes’ publication to help these prospective customers make a better and informed choice, to get more ideas and inspiration…     

And, of those 17, 6 came back and made a higher purchase loft conversion than the original quote!

… The literature also mentioned that the customers hailed from 56 different locations in UK.

…  There were financial statements showing how with a specific finance arrangement through the loft company, it saved customers 9% MORE than with any other finance option available…

a free DVD video containing customer testimonials, endorsements from ‘local celebrities’ , various write ups – was given to those people who were interested in a loft conversion, but they had to view and listen to everything before someone could come and make a visit to their homes, which was made on a scheduled appointment basis) …

Now let’s look at what’s going on here.

If you were in the market for a loft conversion, would you be interested in seeking these people out to help you in your purchase, or would you be happy with the run of the mill, less concerned, less knowledgeable and more flashier loft conversion outfits who are only interested in seeing how to get the most money out of you? And here’s a very important point:

You’re not only purchasing the Loft extension, you’re purchasing the people who sell it to you and the EXPERIENCE that surrounds it all.

So, how many of the above proof elements can you immediately use and apply in your Practice?

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