Five Ways to Bring Back Your Past Dental Clients So They Buy From you Again and Again

Economically, the best way to generate new fresh dental revenue is to contact your non active customers who have previously used your services in the past, and invite them back in.

Yes, it’s alarmingly simple to do, yet most Practices do not have a system in place to activate their past or lapsed patients or clients.

So what what would be a non threatening way of getting back in touch with them?

Well, as it’s 5-7 times more costly to get a new customer than it is to sell an existing past customers, you need to develop a programme of getting in touch with your past patients and clients.

Here are 5 ways to get back in touch with previous patients who have had dental treatment from you in the past, but have not recently invested in any dental related products or services.

1. WE MISS YOU/DID WE DO SOMETHING WRONG – a simple straight forward communication along the lines of the following, “Dear Jack, we haven’t seen or heard from you for a while now and wondered if everything was alright? We miss you and wondered did we do anything wrong”.

2. FREE GIFT – BUT THEY NEED TO CALL IN – A simple, warm from-the-heart letter asking the customer something like “Jenny, as we haven’t heard from you we thought of sending you this gift we have right here on our table, and… it’s got your name on it. All you have to do to claim it is to bring this letter in to the Practice for your Dental check-up, or enter the code on the letter on the website and we’ll rush your gift out to you as soon as we can…”

3. A COMPETITION – Competitions do wonderful things to people. Why? Because they just want to win the prize! So what could be a way to introduce this competition element into proceedings? How about something like – “Dear John, although you’re a client and patient of ours, we haven’t heard from you or X number of our other customers, going on for months now. And in some cases…years! We hope that’s about to change. You see, we’re giving away a super prize just to see which one of you will respond the quickest to this letter… “

4. DELIVERING AN OUTRIGHT BRIBE GIFT – Now whether like the word bribe, or not, it works pretty well in promotions because it’s astounding what people will do when you give them something for free. To see how this works, How about the following: “Jake, we’re hope you’re well because from our records we’ve seen we haven’t heard from you or seen you for quite some time. So, just so that we can see you again, we’re going to ask you to accept two wonderful free gifts when you come into the Practice before XXXXXXXXX date. If you choose you want to book a free, no obligation Dental Check up, you can do that if you’d like and we’d love to arrange that for the same time you collect your gifts. However, if you don’t want to do that check up at that time, that’s fine, simply reply to this letter…”

5. ASK FOR A TESTIMONIAL, and GIFT THEM SOMETHING for DOING SO – Even though you’ll not have heard from a certain number of clients in a while, there’s nothing stopping you from writing to them about their past experiences with you, and asking their permission to use their comments on your website and promotional materials. But how would you start a letter like that? You can test this variation out: “Hi Trevor, we haven’t heard from you or seen you in our Practice for a while now and in looking at our records, you came in a couple of years ago. We’re updating our communications and website and so because of that, we’d like to ask how have you been since your last treatment? Are you experiencing any new discomforts? Well, what we’d love for you to do is… “

As you’ve seen, there are numerous ways to get back in touch with previous paying customers. All it takes is an appreciation for the past interaction, the residual value of a client, and, by experimenting and sending out of one of the above communications to get the process activated.

As you’ve seen, nothing could be simpler to activate new relationships and new business for your Practice. And that’s where most Practice Owners and Dentists stall, purely because of the sheer simplicity of the strategy. And because of the inherent value and economic value of a past customer, it just makes good business sense to get back in touch!

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