Do You Want More Clients and Patients To Walk Through Your Doors?

Have you ever phoned up a friend and said, “tell me everything is exactly the same as the last time we spoke?”

No, I don’t think you would’ve said that to them.

What do we generally say when we’ve not met up with some one in a while? Of course, it’s the question… “What’s new?” Or, in common vernacular,  what’s happening or…“Whassup?”

When we turn on the news channels, we generally get, and expect, as our minds and brains have new been trained and conditioned that way,  a fresh batch of news stories the majority of days.

Or, if it’s an ongoing story like COVID-19, there’s the seeking of a new twist or a new piece of information that makes the whole news item to not seem too old, or too dull or be too dry and dragged out, which the Coronavirus topic seems to have been doing.

Conversely, have you received communication from banks or other financial institutions, that have steadily and consistently… bored the living attention span, right out of you?

What about from the local restaurant or any take-away… don’t you get the SAME leaflet or brochure that says plainly nothing different, nothing that makes you feel any different, noting that actually compels you to act or gives you any kind of incentive to get you to act, instantly?

And that’s because most businesses, Practices and Professionals included, don’t feed their prospects, their client base with good, valuable information and relevant content and communication nutrition, and that too, in a systematic and continual basis.

What, you maybe thinking, is good and valuable marketing and communication nutrition? 

When it comes to your Practice and your services, your basic business is selling products and services that help your current and prospective clients and patients to have healthy gums, wonderful teeth and have a worry free and pain free experience.

You’re both in the reassurance and safety business as well as in the health and well-being business, and so your communications and information pieces need to illustrate and demonstrate that, especially now in this current time.

And by communications and information pieces, that could be through regular emails, blog postings, videos, posters – both on the website and inside the Practice – specific guides and reports you send to different segment of your prospects and current patients and clients.

You can’t over do informing and educating and in constantly telling the story of what you do, how you do it, why you’re different. And at the same time, in those communications you cannot bore your audience into compliance through providing lifeless, unfeeling, neutral based communications.

Clear passionate writing disseminated through your various media platforms will create the kind of bond and connection with your audience that’ll be hard to dislodge   by anyone else because once that relationship has been formed through those ongoing communications, and is welcomed and consumed by your prospects and audience, that relationship will continue to deepen and when the time’s right for your prospect to invest in your dental services, they will because no other practice will have created that kind of deepening communication bond with your audience like you will have done.

Most businesses and Practices do very little by way of sending out any kind of information, let alone information that’s connected to their prospects overall mind and general well-being. And so that’s why you’ll stick out in the minds of your target audience, especially when you take care of the person as a whole human being, and not only sending information to do with teeth and gums. By doing so, you’ll be looked on much more than a dental practitioner, you’ll been seen as a true trusted adviser who has their clients and patients best interests at heart. 

What I mean by that is what if you were to send a newsletter containing advice and information that helps them to look after themselves financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically; what kind of effect and impact do you think this will have on the hearts and minds of your readers?

Don’t you think they’ll be more connected to you and will be more likely to want to attach themselves to you and your Practice and all that you stand for? You see, most people are looking for someone to lead them by the hand and to implicitly trust. So when you can become that person for them, when your Practice can be that place where they’ll feel welcomed and will feel like it’s their second home, when you can engender and foster that kind of spirit inside the mind body and spirit of those you’re looking to help and influence, you’ll own their trust and loyalty for years to come.  

And giving valuable informative information isn’t only to create new levels of trust and joy for new audiences, what do you think would happen if you were to send all patients and clients who take up say a Dental Implant procedure from you, what if after a day or so after the treatment you were to send them information about a special pamper retreat or a spa or golfing break where you’ve arranged a special preferential pricing for them if they were to avail themselves of the offer, how many of them would be delighted to attend?

And don’t forget, you’re also being paid a nice commission from the resort or spa of golf club because of negotiating and engineering the whole package arrangement for them, how indebted do you think they’ll be?

What if you arrange a special CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY where you invite all your clients and patients to special event where they can bring two or three of their friends or relatives? It’s here’s where the friends and relatives can mix and mingle with other clients and patients, who are probably like friends in a way because of the deep relationships they’ve formed with you. So, not only are you bringing your ‘happy live testimonials’ together, you’re creating a stream of new, qualified prospects for your Practice. And all because of the drive and desire to take extra special care of them in a way that only you can do.

Another way to stand out in the minds of your clients, prospects and patients is to collect their birthdates and send out birthday cards. Nothing more sweeter than to receive a nice sincere card on your birthday. And when you realise that almost NO other Practice, let alone any other business sends out birthday card greetings, you’ll be even more bonded and connected with your patients, clients and prospects. And if you’re currently NOT sending our birthday cards, start today.

By continually investing in the kind of communications and messages that feeds into the happy psyche of your clients, patients and prospects, when you LEAD people to happy, desirous, joyful end conclusions, they’ll be like putty in your hands.

I hope you can see that such actions and efforts has nothing to do with manipulating people into a relationship with you. It’s that people crave community, they want to be respected and treated well, and they’re all looking for trusting Professionals to help make their lives less troublesome and when you can be that single trusting source that helps your clients and prospects to not only value their mouth and teeth, but see you re-investing in their lives and in their well-being on a continual basis, they’ll be indebted to you, almost forever.

You just need to make it a habit to continually feed them the mental and communication nutrition they’ll value. And in turn, you’ll see your practice Thrive and Prosper, especially in rocky and turbulent economic times.

Now isn’t that a whole chunk of security that you’ve just put into your own life?    

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