Could Your Personality Could Be The Biggest Influence That Helps You Sells More Dental Procedures and Services?

Do you remember seeing the ads and info-mercials for the TOTAL GYM?

It’s a piece of exercise equipment that tones, strengthens and stretches your body.

Now in its time, this product has gone on to sell a ton of product. Over 2 million pieces.

But Why? What made it so successful?

I mean, the market place is a little crowded with gym and exercise equipment so you would think that there’s no room or space for yet another product seller in the category!

Because I don’t know if it’s escaped you or not, but there are a thousand and one gadgets, pulleys, tummy trimmers, bicep bulgers, ‘rock hard’ ab machines, benches, expanders, multi gyms, rowers, gym balls… you name it, they’re all designed to transform an unhealthy and unfit bod, into a fit, trim and sexy looking machine.

So again, how is it that the TOTAL GYM is outselling all others by a handsome margin?

Is it superiority of design? Is it ease of use? Is it the overall cost? Is it the word of mouth reputation? Or is the picture that’s been of a much desired slim, trim, strong and sexy body…too appealing and too compelling to not invest in?

To be fair, a lot the success of it has to do with each of the above elements. But, let’s say all Total Gym’s competitors products have the same or similar attributes to the TOTAL GYM. What then?

Well, what the other exercise equipment and apparatus do not have as their brand ambassador, is known martial artist and actor… Chuck Norris and Model, Christine Brinkley.

You see, it’s Chuck’s presence and personality that people identify with, and many have bonded to the product because of knowing, liking and trusting him. And of course, many are attracted by the appeal of model Christine Brinkley. It’s fair to say both have a significant influence in the success of the product.

Going farther afield, where would Virgin Atlantic be without Richard Branson? Where would Wimbledon be without Federer and Nadal? Where would the Rolling Stones be without Mick Jagger?

Like hearing it or not, success in any competitive arena boils down to effective promotion tied in with personality driven spokespersons. And that’s also the case in business, especially with Dentistry and Medicine as more often than not, the perception in the marketplace of such Professionals is one of clinical people in white coats.  

And rightly or wrongly and for whatever reason, many professionals feel more than a little reserved about presenting themselves as a person with personality and being in the limelight, and yet, Dentists are the face and voice of their Practice and so the more open and relaxed they are about being the personality of their Practice (and that doesn’t mean they have to be someone they’re not or has to enrol in a Charisma Class)…

All it takes is a simple shift of mind and thought in where a Dentist understands that they are the main catalyst and key investor of their Business and so by being more open and approachable with their own blend and brand of personality, by doing so they’ll be able to more effectively connect and communicate with their patients, their clients, the community.          

And it’s not that Dentists don’t want to promote their Practice and services. They do. But, when it comes to promoting themselves by turning themselves into a personality, they’d rather not.

Now the single BIGGEST thing that stops most Professionals from going forward and presenting themselves in that way is the susceptibility to… CRITICISM.

You may ask, “criticism from whom?”

Because when you look closer, you’ll soon see that there’s no group of people you have to concern yourselves with, other than your patients and clients. 

And yet, many Professionals secretly fret about what their peers, their professional connections and competitors have to say and as such so won’t dare do anything different than what everyone else in the Profession is doing from a marketing, advertising and self promotion standpoint.  

Don’t pay any attention to the accountant. Forget listening to the jibes from your friends, family or loved ones. Distance yourself from the flock of Dentists and Practice owners who are happy with staying in the corner and letting everyone else tell them what to do. 

Frankly, from a business and marketing perspective, and no matter what the profession, the majority are always wrong in their approach and so what should matter most to you is if you truly want to experience different results to the one’s you’re currently getting, promote your business with the added value of your own personality.

Your personality could become your most promotable asset, the moment you embrace it as such.     

Because the moment you develop the gumption, the guts, the courage and steel to be EXACTLY who you want to be, and… to then promote that aspect of your personality, the more you’ll fall in love with your work, more people will want to come to your Practice and, you’ll be ultimately more profitable in the process. 

If you truly want a higher quality level of relationship with your clients and patients and you want a truly unfair advantage, then find the most appealing aspect of your personality and promote it for all its worth.

You’ll know this is true yourself in that people love to deal with other people who have a freshness about them, a true love of life, a spark to their personality. Bring that out in yourself, your natural self, and watch what happens to your Practice, your happiness and, your profits.

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